Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Shaire Center is a 60 bed skilled nursing and rehabilitation care facility providing 24-hour comprehensive resident care. Shaire Center offers individuals the opportunity to develop skills essential to restoring their independence.

Treatment plans are tailored to meet each individual resident’s needs and our professional team guides each resident through their plan of care, working closely with the physician, the resident, and the family each step of the way.

Shaire Center has a wing within in its nursing facility which caters specifically to the needs of short-term residents post-hospitalization while they transition back to the community. Our rehabilitation department focuses on programs to re-establish activities of daily living for our residents and offers occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy.

We provide specialized services for intravenous therapy wound care, respiratory care, and cardiac rehabilitation.

Our state of the art rehabilitation gym is designed to restore confidence to amputees, residents with hip and knee replacements, stroke,or other illnesses or injuries.

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