Rehabilitation Programs

Our Rehabilitation Department is dedicated to helping residents achieve their maximum capabilities. We strive to enhance resident quality of life by developing and implementing a personalized plan of care that addresses the total needs of each individual.

Physical Therapy addresses overall function and/or pain management such as the ability to walk again after illness through the use of therapeutic exercise mobility, balance, and gait training exercises.

Occupational Therapy teaches functional and self care skills through activities of daily living including feeding, dressing and bathing, and grooming through the use of techniques, which improve motor coordination, perception, and cognitive skills.  Our full equipped kitchen allows our therapists to integrate treatments and sessions to re-establish daily independent living skills for the transition back to home.

Speech Therapy is our speech/language oral sensory-motor training. It addresses communication and swallowing disorders, and difficulties by strengthening muscles, and teaching compensatory techniques to increase communication and proper nutrition.

Outpatient Therapy Services
 A personalized treatment plan from licensed experienced therapists working within a well-equipped environment with state of the art equipment.
 Our therapists address physical pain and limitations through manual therapy and the use of modalities such as ultra sound, electrical stimulations and thermal agents.
 Individualized home programs are established which always include specific exercises and stretches to allow patients to continue to progress at home.
Within Shaire Center Outpatient Rehab unit, you*ll find compassionate, qualified staff who will greet you with a “Can Do” attitude. Our rehab motto is “Believe and Together we can Achieve!” We not only care about your physical well being but your whole being.